World Outgames III, 2013

Where: Antwerp, Belgium
When: July 31 – August 11 2013

Use this forum to find a badminton partner or plan your trip with friends.

Please note that our club is not organising anything for this event, so it is up to individual members to organise things.

5 thoughts on “World Outgames III, 2013

  1. Hi all,

    I’m interested in attending the games this year as well. Do we have any other interested players in the club? It would be great to be able to form a team to attend the games together!

  2. To Badminton Players,

    Im looking for a list of people who are expressing interest in playing at Antwerp in August 2013. Im currently looking for a Mixed Doubles partner around my grade level as i already have a Mens Doubles Player locked in.

    Aside from that, let me know by sending me an email so i can get a list of names.

    Anything else, i guess we can all go from there.


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