2018 Trans-Tasman Results & Photos

The 2018 Trans-Tasman tournament was held on Saturday 20th October at Botany NSW.

Many thanks to the organising committee and to everyone who helped out during the day (especially Esmond and Bill Q.). We’d also like to thank Victor Badminton and Sydney Mardi Gras Committee for their most generous sponsorship, and to Tommaso Armstrong – https://tomma.so/ – for being our event photographer.

Thanks to everyone who came and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Congratulations to the winners:

1. Shah S. & Tumpal S. (SYD)
2. Jeff F. & Ivan D. (MEL)
3. Jasper S. & Eugene P. (AKL)

1. Ernest T. & Paul S. (AKL)
2. Boonyarit J. & Chawin K. (SYD)
3. Dean L. & Dino P. (MEL)

1. Jeffrey M. & NJ Q. (SYD)
2. Mohamed A. & Morro Q. (AKL)
3. Daniel H. & Jody T. (SYD)

1. Alan W. & Blair W. (AKL)
2. Jan Stanley D. & Sunny Y. (MEL)
3. Franky L. & Pat L. (MEL)

1. Ian Y. & Zhaoyu X. (SYD)
2. Bobby G. & Sebastien D. (MEL)
3. Richard B. & Peter C. (SYD)

PHOTOS  –  Courtesy of Tommaso Armstrong – https://tomma.so/ 

There are multiple pages of photos in this gallery. The easiest way to view them is to click on the first photo on each page, then use the arrow keys to move through them.