Club Rules


Sydney Shuttles Badminton Club (SSBC) is devoted to playing social badminton for the gay community as its primary goal, plus promoting inter-club competition level badminton for its members as its secondary goal.

SSBC is an equal opportunity club and will accept anyone, regardless of their sex, race, age, skill level or sexual orientation.

These Rules pertain to its primary goal, i.e. its internal club activities only. Playing with external clubs or groups is governed by the Rules appropriate to those clubs or groups.


Membership is compulsory for all people who want to play badminton on a regular basis (more than 3 times per calendar year).

SSBC is affiliated with Badminton New South Wales (NSWBA). As such, SSBC membership is based on NSWBA affiliation requirements and is aligned with their schedule. Annual membership is from 1st February each year to 31st January the following year. This period is fixed, which means that regardless of which month you join, your membership will always expire on 31st January.

The cost of membership is $40 per person per year (1st February to 31st January). $27 of this fee covers affiliation with the NSWBA including Public Liability Insurance. The other $13 goes towards our own events. Sometimes however, we may reduce the membership fee if our end of year financial situation warrants it. This fee will not be refunded once paid. Membership is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person.

To become a member, players must complete a Membership Form and make an annual membership payment. Membership information collected is solely for the use of SSBC and NSWBA, and will not be used or distributed for any other purpose. For more information regarding NSWBA, please visit their website at

Members will be entitled to benefits not available to non-members, as follows:

  • Reduced play costs on Mondays ($15 for members, $18 for non-members)
  • Reduced entry to SSBC events (competitions, parties, etc).
  • Participation in external badminton events sponsored by the NSWBA.
  • Public Liability Insurance under NSWBA affiliation conditions.

SSBC reserves the right to expel a member from the club or suspend a member from membership of the club for a specified period, without any right of refund of the membership fee, if SSBC is of the opinion that the member:

(a)  has refused or neglected to comply with these Rules; or

(b)  has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a member or prejudicial to the interests of the club.


By signing the membership application form, or by submitting it electronically, you have agreed to abide by these Rules, to conduct yourself appropriately and to follow the reasonable directions of SSBC.  You acknowledge that if you fail to comply with any such Rules or directions and otherwise engage in behavior which is offensive or disruptive to SSBC members or other patrons, you may be asked to leave the premises and/or have your membership cancelled or suspended. You are aware that in such case, no refund of membership will be paid.

Breaches of these Rules may result in suspension or cancellation of your membership at the sole discretion of SSBC.


It is recognised that some people will occasionally come to play with SSBC to “try it out” before deciding if they want to play on a regular basis, or they may be holidaying in Sydney and want to have a couple of games. Casual players such as this will be permitted to play for up to 3 times per calendar year.

Regardless of their situation, all non-members will be regarded as “visitors” and will be required to sign a Visitors Book every time they play.


Activities organised by SSBC, its organisers or its members are undertaken by members at their own risk and liability.

SSBC, its organisers or its members are not liable for any loss or injury incurred by any person as a result of information or advice published or otherwise given by SSBC, its organisers or its members, whether such information or advice is published or given negligently or otherwise.


We are a social badminton group. “Social” means that we are playing to have fun, so please treat other players with respect, use good sportsmanship, and always behave in a good natured way.

Remember that every player is different. Some will be experienced and some will be new. Some will be keen to learn and some won’t. Regardless, they all have the same right to play as anyone else.

Showing Up

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some of these procedures may not be operating. If in doubt, please ask someone nearby you (we play on courts 1 to 6/7).

First, inform the person at the computer that you have arrived.

Second, pay your fee as soon as possible, preferably when you first arrive or when you have your first non-playing period. Note that it is normally a different person who collects the money.

With so many players these days, it is very hard to keep track of everyone. This is how we manage arriving players.

At the start, we look around and collect names (which takes about 10 minutes), then enter the names into the computer. At the same time, a different person is collecting money.

So, if you arrive more than 10 minutes after the starting time, you MUST tell the person using the computer that you have arrived (or we won’t know).

Remember, paying your money and getting your name entered into the computer are 2 separate things – you need to do both.

Note: If you ever miss 2 games in a row, it probably means that something has gone wrong. If this happens, tell us immediately so that we can fix any problems.

Lastly, we start picking the planned games 5 minutes before they are due to start. If you show up during this period, you cannot be recorded as present until after the game has been called and play starts.


It is really important that you tell us as early as possible that you are going to leave, preferably 30 minutes before you plan to leave. This is so that we don’t pick you to play if you are not present (a lot of confusion can occur when this happens).

Game Planning

Most games are planned by club organisers using a computer program (with some minor manual adjustment where required). Every effort is made to give everyone a fair number of games, to match players of a similar level, and to ensure a variety of opponents throughout the session.

Un-planned games are usually played during the first 15-20 minutes and are played by whoever gets on the courts first (this is to give the organisers time to prepare). During this period, if you are observed playing, it will be counted as 1 game for you.

Planned games then begin and are picked every 20 minutes approximately.

Special Play Requests

Some people make requests to play with a particular person. This however is very difficult to organise, and we will only do this for special reasons, such as when 2 people are going to play together in an upcoming competition. Even under these circumstances, we will only be able to do it occasionally during the session.

Low Attendance Days

Sometimes, such as on public holidays, attendance levels are much lower than usual. When this occurs, we will generally make the session a “Free for All” session. This means that we will not pick games using the computer, and everyone is free to play with whoever they want to.

When this occurs, please play a maximum of 2 games only, then look around to see if other people are waiting to play. If so, please leave the court and let them play. If no one else is waiting to play, feel free to play another game.